KMG Property Management & Construction Services, LLC.
Property Management Services

minimum services:
The services that are included but not limited to our basic package include the following:

·         Weekly property exterior walk through to identify any repair items, concerns and report quality control  items with your service vendors (Lawn, pool, scrubs and trees).

·         Provide weekly updates via e-mails to keep you up to date on your property to identify concerns and upcoming scheduled services or repairs.

·         Provide monthly billing statements itemizing costs and copies for your permanent records.

·         Meet and manage any KMG provided contractor or service provider on site for the duration of the service.

·         Schedule and over see preventive maintenance items on site.

Additional Service Offerings:

One point of contact services: This service allows KMG to take over all or part of your requested property services and manage their performance and costs. This is the opportunity to have only one monthly bill and one single point of contact for all the necessary services.  Listed below are samples of these services:

·         Lawn service, landscaping, tree and shrub

·         Monthly lawn spray, weed and pest control

·         Pool and Spa

·         Window and door cleaning

·         Dry cleaning pick up and drop off

·         Pressure wash, paint touch up

·         Rain gutter cleaning

·         Sprinkler repair

·         Automobile wash and detail

·         Water softener, water filters

Imagine one company that with one phone call can help you take care of any problem or need in your home, no matter how big or small.

The “Key service”: We understand that our services have to be able to support our client’s busy schedule. For this reason, KMG offers our support when you are not able to be at home for maintenance and basic services. We will arrange for a bonded KMG representative to meet the service provider, contractor or whatever the need is that you require. We can provide this service whether you are in or out of town.

Absentee or Vacant Home Watch: KMG Property Managers offer “Absentee & Vacant Home Watch” services to provide homeowners with the security during extended stays away from home. We are fully insured and offer a variety of home watch services. Snowbirds, vacationers and even families who relocate out of the area for personal or professional reasons can now rest easy knowing that their property is being taken care of in their absence. Now you can travel and not have to worry about coming home to any unwanted surprises or unscheduled maintenance on your home.  In the event bad weather is forecasted in your absence, our team will take necessary steps to protect your property. We tailor our services to meet the individual needs of our clients. Don’t worry we will be the only ones who know you are gone. So, go ahead...Travel...Enjoy life.

KMG Property Management & Construction Services, LLC.
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